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Oh, Come On. Fire at Microchip Factory Exacerbates Shortage A worldwide shortage of microprocessors already has car manufacturers shutting down some factories and slowing others . The shortage hasn’t raised consumer prices in any measurable way, yet , and analysts have begun to speculate that it will ease in the second half of 2021. But fire is responsible for stopping production at a microchip factory in Japan. The company, Renesas Electronics, makes about 30 percent of the automotive sector’s microprocessors worldwide. The consequences of the fire are far from clear. Bloomberg reports that it has automakers worried enough to dispatch “workers to the damaged site to help with recovery activities.” A Honda spokesperson told reporters, “We are gathering information and trying to see if this will affect us or not.” Toyota and Nissan similarly said they are assessing whether their operations will be furthered slowed by the fire. Seiji Sugiura, a senior analyst at Tokai Tokyo Research Institute, said that “It will probably take more than a month to return to normal supply. Given that, even Toyota will face very unstable production in April and May. I think Honda, Nissan, and other makers will also be facing a difficult situation.” Several automakers have begun seeking creative solutions to the shortage. General Motors this month began shipping pickup trucks to dealerships with some chips missing. The company says they are no longer able to offer some features due to chip supply limits. Ram, meanwhile, has announced that it will build some Ram 1500 Classic trucks without crucial chips. It plans to add the chips to the parked trucks once the supply recovers. The best cars and best deals delivered to your inbox By subscribing, you agree to our privacy policy


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The third issue is simply space. With the rear tray open, you’ll need a larger workspace to feed through the back of the printer — nearly three feet, in order to accommodate the paper feeding in at the back and the print coming out in the front. And that’s just for using 8.5 by 11 paper. While the straight photo feed is annoying and hogs real estate, I didn’t notice any difference in using that top tray instead. The straight photo feed is there if you need it, perhaps for more fragile paper types. But the top rear tray will work in most situations without the hassle of disassembling and reassembling the back of the printer. One of the biggest advantages to Epson’s EcoTank find out this here line is the sustainability, both for the green design and for saving the other green — money. The six ink bottles, while still plastic, replace up to 100 cartridges with recyclable bottles. I’m here go here for saving the earth — but what’s the ink going to cost? The printer ships with a full set, not a sample size. Picking up another full set will cost nearly $90, but that set is made to last for up to 2,300 4×6 images. Epson says that the included ink will last up to two years, and they have a program with a few stipulations that can refund the cost of additional ink if you run out in the first two years. A 4×6 roughly costs about four cents in ink (not including the cost of paper). Add in the cost of paper, and a 4×6 is going to cost about 20 cents, which is about half the cost of a typical print. Here’s some more fun math — once you print 3,500 4x6s, you’ll have paid for the cost of the printer, assuming a 20 cent saving on each print. Of course, you don’t buy a printer that can print 13 by 9 to spit out tiny prints.