grid of window air conditioning units outside a Manhattan building Consider students taking exams in hot school buildings. Park, the UCLA economist, zoomed in on students in New York City sitting for standardized subject-specific high school exams. Each take about three hours and are administered at the student’s home school for a two-week period at the end of June. Temperatures at that time can vary from 15° C to almost 37° C. Park looked at scores for almost 1 million students and about 4.5 million exams from 1999 to 2011. That analysis, appearing March 2020 in the Journal of Human Resources, found that students who take the exam on an approximately 32° C day are 10 percent less likely to pass a given subject than if they had taken that exam on a 24° C day.   Park and colleagues also looked at how hot temperatures might affect students’ performance across the country. This time, they zoomed in on the PSAT, a standardized exam administered to high schoolers in October that measures college readiness and provides a pathway to scholarships. The team evaluated 21 million scores from nearly 10 million students who took the exam at least twice from 1998 to 2012. That way, the researchers could compare how students performed relative to themselves. The team also correlated exam scores with daily temperature data from around 3,000 weather stations across the country, as well as information about each student’s access to air conditioning. Student scores typically increase between the first time they take the exam and the second. But even when the researchers factored in that rise, students in schools without air conditioning scored lower than would have been expected, the researchers reported in the May 2020 American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. What’s more, Black and Hispanic students were more likely to attend school and test in hotter buildings than their white counterparts, and the researchers estimate that the resulting temperature differences explained 3 to 7 percent of the PSAT’s racial achievement gap. That sort of performance decline doesn’t just happen in academic settings; it extends to the workforce too. Following Tewari’s visit to the weaving factory in Surat, she began combing through data on worker output in India — where industrial air conditioning can be rare — at several weaving and garment sewing factories and a steel company that supplies rails for railways. Tewari and colleagues observed workers from roughly one to nine years, depending on the industry. When temperatures climbed beyond 35° C, average daily production in weaving dropped by about 2 percent and garment sewing by as much as 8 percent, compared with days under 30° C, the researchers estimate in the June Journal of Political Economy. The team then scaled up to industries across India using national survey data. That analysis showed that productivity started dropping when average daily maximum temperatures rose above 20° C.


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Atlantic Coast Utilities has said the deaths were a “tragic accident,” adding that suggesting otherwise is “inaccurate and imprudent.” Nuala Nichoncubhair, who incorporated Sterling Excavation on March 1, has denied that Moloney is involved with the company. She didn’t respond to voice mails. The city said last week that the Public Works Department will deny any permit applications submitted by Moloney or companies affiliated with him. On Wednesday, the office of Acting Mayor Kim Janey said “she is committed to seeking justice for the families who lost loved ones on High St. and supports OSHA’s strong enforcement action against” Moloney and Atlantic Coast Utilities. Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins is investigating the deaths. No criminal charges have been filed. After the fatalities on High Street, the Globe reported that Moloney failed to disclose in August 2019 and December 2020 that Atlantic Coast Utilities had been cited by OSHA for workplace safety violations as required by the city, records show. It appears the city did not review the claims because the company continued to work in Boston. The city began requiring that individuals or businesses seeking work permits in Boston report their safety record on an affidavit after two workers died in 2016 when a trench collapsed in the South End. The document is called a “Mattocks-Higgins Affidavit of Workplace Safety” in honor of Kelvin Mattocks and Robert Higgins , the trench collapse victims. John Barros, a mayoral candidate who previously served as the city’s chief of economic development, said his administration would ban contractors from working on private or public projects if they lie about OSHA fines or complaints on permit applications. Contractors who are fined by OSHA three times in one year would be banned from working in the city for five years, Barros said. “We can no longer rely only on the criminal justice system to punish contractors who disregard the safety of their workers,” Barros said in a statement. “We must have stronger safeguards in place to hold these repeat offenders accountable and prevent these senseless workplace crimes from happening.” Councilor Michelle Wu, who is also running for mayor, said in a statement that Moloney shouldn’t be working in Boston. If elected, she said a member of her cabinet would be responsible for identifying unscrupulous contractors and her administration would help workers file complaints and establish a public database of OSHA violators. “Workers died on Laurence Moloney’s watch, and he should be permanently barred from doing business with the city,” Wu said. Another mayoral candidate, Councilor Annissa Essaibi George, said she would establish a new city department to address economic justice and workers’ rights, including safe working conditions and fair wages and benefits. “We will hold irresponsible, thoughtless, and uncaring employers accountable in our city and across this country,” she said in a statement. “There’s no room for this type of behavior in Boston.” Councilor Andrea Campbell, who is also running for mayor, didn’t respond to a request for comment sent to her campaign. Several councilors said it is time to close loopholes in the existing regulations.